So I chickened out when it came time to show her that I was a MAN.I was humiliated and heartbroken that I had to learn how to Man-Up by losing my first girlfriend because I couldn't just DO what I was supposed to do. Can you imagine how that felt knowing I had ruined it because I couldn't take the lead?She looked back at him over her shoulder several times, and he told me he felt guilty and ashamed that he was behind her. Because she was probably worried about him being a rapist. Or, your mom & dad had so many of their own issues going on that you got ignored, and you never got any good male role models to learn from. And instead you got MTV, dumb movies, and bad wussy song lyrics to learn from.

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I hope you haven't had to go through that kind of agony, but I'll bet you can probably relate to that story.

You see, a lot of guys that grew up over the last 20 or 30 years also never got a chance to have a " - to become MEN.

And now you're just plain lost, confused, and frustrated about what women want. Get your balls back - and make your ancestors PROUD of you.

Does it seem like a "woman's world" and you're scrambling to get ONE GOOD ONE - keep from going crazy at the same time? If that stung a little, then you can bet your life what I just said was true.

and her drummer sounds like a tin shed in a hailstorm...

she couldn't make a beat you could follow if your life depended on it.

Women mean well, but they end up teaching us to be too weak and wimpy to really attract women.

They tell us to be a gentleman and to treat women "nice." You know how things work out when you try to be too nice to a woman, or just seek her approval, right?

Have you ever had a woman lose her attraction and interest in you? The bad news is that you just can't get her back again when this happens, and you've probably found that out from experience. My eyes locked on hers, and for the first time in my life, I felt THAT sensation. And through the whole thing, I couldn't move a muscle. Jackie and I ran around all day long, hiding on people's porches and staring into each other's eyes, holding hands and hugging - and...

Maybe it was in the first few minutes of your conversation. The GOOD news is that you can stop it from ever happening again! Here's The Pathetic Part Of My Story That You Won't Believe... This is really embarrassing, but I'm going to tell you anyways: That whole day, Jackie and I . I was this 14 year old "boy-man" all charged with sexual energy, and not a CLUE how to use it. And here's the part that kicked me right on my ass: Jackie called me two days later and told me we should "just be friends." OUCH... I can still remember that burning pain in the center of my chest, and the hour I spent in my bedroom, sobbing into my pillow so no one would hear me.

Learn To Supercharge The Masculine Confidence You Have NOW To Get Any Woman You Desire...” Why Most Of The Dating Gurus Are Feeding You The ULTIMATE LIE Of Attraction - And How You Can Create Friend, Have you tried to be the Nice Guy - the kind of man that women SAY they want - but you found out the hard way that women don't really want "nice"?