While in NY attaining her undergraduate degree, she concurrently studied theater, TV and film at various performing art schools. On stage, Jones has played the parts of Marty Maraschino in the production of "Grease" and Ti Moon in "Once on This Island".Jones has studied the performing arts at schools such as "The Actors Studio", Weist Barron and Three of Us Studios in NYC.My brother is the musical director for several popular mainstream artists and he had been at the hospital all night because one of his friends and tour mates was murdered.

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It is just so senseless and so preventable,” my brother said to me on the telephone.

My one-year old daughter refused to remain quiet in the intimate sanctuary and my three-year old son kept […] Read More “What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

” This is the contents of a popular meme circulating around social media sites.

” Fox’s reality TV show built on that premise, The premise of the show, if you missed the pre-air media hype or the two seconds it was actually on the air, is that Jones tries to cut it as an anchorwoman for a station in Tyler, Texas. The Fox website for the show — I’m not making this up — features an “Are you Lauren or Annalisa” quiz, with questions such as:and Because dignity and sexy are mutually exclusive.

Or, as others have put it, “a buxom, big-city fish with no journalism experience [is] dropped into small-town media waters.” Here’s a Celeb TV story on the show, where Jones explains, among other things, why she just can’t find clothes that cover both her cleavage and her rear end. The news is nauseating enough without a regular dose of ineptitude (well, intentional ineptitude). I half expect the two women to come out for an episode of the news in fuzzy bikinis, ready for a couple of rounds of mud wrestling.

(And may I just say that it creeps me out to hear the female anchor say “Leggy Lauren”? (Upon reflection, this might have improved the show.

Or, the as the best review I’ve seen says, “If you hate women, men, Texas, Los Angeles, television news and any of the social progress made by Americans in the 20th century, then is the show for you.”I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that this show went beyond what one might call the expected sexism and gender stereotypes of bad reality TV to set up two women as catty professional rivals.

Lauren Jones is also known as the star of Fox's Anchorwoman. [] Jones has appeared in magazines including "Fortune", "Seventeen", "Sync", and "Men's Health" among others, as well as on the covers of "Sound & Vision", "LA Health News", "Tyler Today", "New Living", and "The New York Sportscene".