After his elder brother John's death, from 1983 to 1985 he appeared on Saturday Night Live; he portrayed characters such as Hank Rippy from "Hello, Trudy! Belushi also appeared in the film Trading Places as a drunk man in a gorilla suit during a New Year's Eve party.

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is an American actor, voice actor, comedian and musician.

Jim Belushi (Pronounced- John, well who really gives a fuck) was born on some date that no one gives a shit about in some fucked up town that is probably full of queers (probably some place like Cleveland).

His family consists of a bunch of people who don't matter excluding John Belushi who by comparison is a much better person.

The couple has a daughter, Jamison Bess (born July 28, 1999), and a son, Jared James (born February 8, 2002).

Belushi is closely linked to his Albanian heritage and received honorary Albanian citizenship from the President of Albania, Bamir Topi.Belushi endorsed the re-election campaign of Democratic President Barack Obama in 2012.On a Fox News interview, he explained, "When you talk to the President in private, he's a cool guy, that knows what he's doing.In all of Jim's youth he was always trying to steal his brother's talent and be a stupid fame hog that really doesn't need to be because God's intention for Jim was to just root on his brother, but no, he wanted to steal his brother's fame, always.One example of Jim stealing his brother's fame was when John was in a school play Jim stood up during John's song A beautiful world and just yelled, "Suck my dick!On January 4, 2001, Belushi appeared on the ER episode "Piece of Mind". Mark Greene's life-or-death brain surgery in New York and Belushi's character, who had been in a car accident with his son in Chicago.