In line with that, Celeb Dirty Laundry recently reported that the actress is glad she did not marry the actor whose marriage and career are doomed. The webloid further suggested that a rising star like Dobrev needs a partner who is equally or much more successful.

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Joey had just finished walking on the runway for a magazine party celebrating their latest covers. They even had a simple ceremony at the village clubhouse where they lived then for friends and family to declare their love for each other, which I hosted. They looked hot, loved each other dearly, were at the top of their careers, and had a lot of pets (Joey had grown a fondness for rescuing stray cats and dogs) in their household.

Ian, clad in an all-white three-piece suit with matching fedora, saw Joey, who was wearing an off-shoulder boho summer dress, and was immediately smitten. Somewhere in between all of that, Ian had a secret, which he wanted to share with his loved ones.

Ian King and Angie Mead are one and the same person.

In Angie’s world, Ian could be whoever he wanted to be, free from the eyes of people who couldn’t understand. “I broke down and told myself I can’t live like this.” Ian then told his father and his family about his other side.

“I thought this was going to be a bad dream, but it isn’t.” People encouraged Angie to celebrate her true self and admired Joey for her strength and capacity to love unconditionally in a world where it is easier to just quit. And we can all learn from the characters here because there is an Ian, a Joey and an Angie in all of us that just needs to be set free. In a way, my closest friends have been friends with me for like 30 years, 29 years and the next is like 16 years, so really, a solid group of friends. You have kept the Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_ private for quite some time. I was with my stepmom in the other house and we were just talking, “You know people are talking…” I told her and some of my friends have sent me screen shots of other people’s chat groups. ” Like it was circulating already, so we were like, “It’s out already, why are we stopping it? So, that day after talking to my mom, I came here to the house and I asked Joey, “Ano, rock and roll na? After all the rough situations that we’ve been through, we are at the stage now of …f*ck it, let’s do it. So, when was the Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_ with Angelina Mead King set up? And everyone was like, “Hey, someone hacked your account! There was always that interest ever since I was a kid.

I spent Sunday with the Kings (and queens) and sat down with Angelina Mead King for this exclusive interview. Like I would sneak into the maids’ room — sadly —and I’d borrow stuff.

Through it all, Ian and Joey fought for the love that they had for each other.

“Tooth, nail, blood, sweat and tears,” as Joey put it. Fought myself…a lot, fought my husband, fought conventionality.” All in the name of unconditional love. Joey and Ian threw all caution to the wind and, armed with the love and respect they had for each other, not to mention the support of family and close friends, the account @hailtothe_queen_ was set to public. The overwhelming outpour of support for the non-conventional wife-and-wife couple was something they didn’t expect. The thing with me is I don’t hate my past because I just had a secret, but I don’t hate my childhood, I love my friends. When did you realize you liked to wear women’s clothes?

When I was younger, I’d try to fit in another woman’s shoes and I liked it. But growing up with Joey and sort of taking out fantasy from stuff because it wasn’t practical, you can’t just wear that every day.