he hasn't been on POF since we first slept together, yet he has been online all this week?

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Im surprise he has kept you around at this point... With me I've noticed women sometimes assume what's going on in my head or how i would react to something. Or blame him for not picking up on (or misinterpreting) your signals.

A lot of the time, even when they know me very well, They are wrong. You would be doing both of you a favor by calmly discussing what's on your mind. If you truly care about each other you will get through it and be stronger\closer for having done so. You've just been attempting to manipulate how he perceives you so he doesn't think you are?

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I went on 6 casual dates before kissing or sleeping with the guy I am currently dating.

After we slept together he put it out there that he would not be putting himself out there or dating other woman.

What Does He Mean When He Says We Are Dating The director realized too darn quickly main points going on in their house and begged that he not hit the daughter or hurt her as punishment. A person you confront a child perpetrator whos also a victim in a vicious circle of domestic violence?

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So now is the time for you both to a) talk about your fearsb) talk about being exclusive and staying that wayc) what you are gonna do about your pof accounts If you cant as a couple discuss the above rationally, what are you doing exchanging bodily fluids?