It reflects the current Fed Ex address-level business/residential classification in the Fed Ex delivery address database, and is subject to change. Ave.) Provide additional address and street information: Providing additional address information can increase the accuracy of address results.

In furnishing this information, Fed Ex does not guarantee its present or future accuracy, and does not guarantee that packages shipped to these addresses will be invoiced according to the business/residential classification provided herein. For example: Street Suffix such as Road, Avenue, Rd, Ave Enter city, state/province and postal code: Providing all address information will increase the accuracy of your results.

Address Validation Service rules: Four address classification values may be returned--Business, Residential, Mixed or Unknown.

Use the Address Validation Service (AVS) to validate or complete recipient addresses.

This service validates recipient addresses before you ship packages, provides descriptive error details and corrected options for invalid addresses, and/or determines whether an address is business or residential to increase the accuracy of courtesy rate quotes.

Address Validation has only four possible classifications for addresses: unknown, business, residential and mixed.

All addresses begin with an “unknown” classification and stay that way until Address Validation business rules determine that their classifications should change.

A nonstandard abbreviation may cause poor search results.

If you are unsure about an abbreviation, do not use it.

A location only gets a “mixed” classification if it is a multi-tenant based address and contains both business and residential units.

Residential address relates to a home or private residence, including locations where a business is operated from the home. The input address was matched with an acceptable level of confidence to a record in a reference data set.

You are now able to validate domestic and international address information in the following countries before shipping a package, eliminating unnecessary delivery delays and additional service fees. In some cases, AVS may be able to add missing information, depending on the verification of the provided information against reference data. Use correct spacing: Make sure spaces are placed correctly and avoid unnecessary spaces.