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Connect your existing ERP, accounting and business applications to UPS World Ship®, USPS (Endicia Pro or DAZzle) and Fed Ex Ship Manager® in a few easy steps to start sharing information across your business.

From order to shipment to delivery, Ship Gear bridges the information gaps to make you more efficient, reduce errors and improve customer service. Your order is automatically updated with shipment details such as freight and tracking numbers.

These instructions will provide details on how to configure the Link to UPS World Ship application.

They will also show you how to use Link to UPS World Ship along with the UPS World Ship desktop application to quickly process labels for your e Bay orders and update the tracking number and shipped status on e Bay.

But for the new machine, I had naively grabbed the latest version of the driver (5.1).

I tried getting rid of 5.1 and installing 3.51 on the new computer, and it worked the first time. This entry is intended to bore the daylights out of my family and friends.

When the computer they’d been using out there for years just got too terribly slow, we got a new machine from our corporate overlords and I set up World Ship and a ODBC connection to my My SQL database on it.

But every time I tried to set up a “import map” in World Ship (the part that tells it, “field in the shipment”), the program would crash.

Designed for professional shippers, Link to UPS World Ship streamlines your shipping processes while providing access to UPS's list of shipping services ranging from small packages to freight.