I followed this thread many times with and cannot get Linux to install.

I'll try to give the details: I am running a rooted Samsung Galaxy S 4G T959V running the Valhalla-Black edition ROM (Gingerbread).

It will keep your Android OS as it is and just run in the upper layer over it Terminal Emulator only Emulates Linux terminal, but after Linux Installation you can get full features; more than just the limited commands which runs on Android shell rather than Linux Shell. For the last 10 years I've been using Linux on my computers and netbooks.

If not, you will either have to build your own kernel with support for loop devices or you can try an aftermarket ROM for your phone as most aftermarket ROMs come with support for it.

) You need at least an ARMv7 CPU like the kind found in the Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy S, HTC EVO 3D, Sony Experia Play, etc.

For the last 10 years I've been using Linux on my computers and netbooks.

I placed these lines in and deleted the 3 original lines that looked similar to it.

Malicious people can do Very Bad things to your device if you don't.

There are two accounts included in the images: root Password:cheesecake user Password:dessert After a successful connection to host you will be able to use Ubuntu / Debian in graphical interface just like in your PC ! Over the last couple months I've been reading the forums and learning how to root my phone and install custom ROMs.

Hardware Required: an Android Phone SD Card with more than 2GB of free Space Android root environment: Most important!

Your Android device should be “rooted” because you need root access to run Ubuntu/Debian off your Android.

You should now have a folder named "linux" on the root of your card.

(Unmount the SD card.) Open Busybox Installer, and install Busybox.

I keep getting the same mount error with all the 3 linux images shown on this thread.