It's sort of a silly idea for a collection, but Classic TV Game Show Themes works, because these 20 themes, from What's My Line?

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And that's where Tommy was really trying to create new writers.

He was actually murdered later on in a San Francisco sex shop. KN: The [streaking] stunt actually gave him a lot of credibility in art circles and he was one of the first curators of a gay art gallery in North America and...

Williams is best remembered today for his colossal instrumental hit, Classical Gas. And that's when I first heard about him, but I didn't really hook up with him until . So, anyway, Tommy's whole thing was to hire ten new writers, and sort of break them into sort of becoming writers on that summer show. Allan Blye and I laid out the structure and just said, okay, Murray, how about the dialogue that people say before they come in, and what they say in the room, and after the room, so that's the way... Murray is not a guy that can sit down and write a script so we're going to ask him to punch things up? KN: When you first came across him, when you were performing in Colorado, did you see him do... People were just saying, ' Ah, there's this new comedian Murray Roman. The reason I hired Steve was because he wasn't just stringing a bunch of jokes together between songs but he was really working on a comedic persona.

MW: When Murray came aboard, different people were good at different strengths. as an actor and improviser and also coming up with lines in sketches. Murray wasn't so strong at writing conceptual ideas as he was at the acting part. He wrote little funny songs but it didn't translate into sketches. He was a little shorter guy; he was part of a folk duo called . One of the things I did that was really neat was I played at The Ice House in Pasadena and one of my friends was the lighting guy. In Iowa, here's what they're saying and I was kind of like a reporter [for the show]. KN: I have her e-mail but I haven't talked to her yet.

Whereas when he was performing stand-up in Colorado during that period he was doing all jokes about skiing. George Carlin did a big, big switch from the hippy dippy weatherman to George Carlin. Once you realized that people were interested in the sorta dark side... And he said ' Oh, I'm going to make a comedy bit out of that! We were generating so many ideas that you'd just lay it on them. Here's a story you may not realize, you may want to get this in there. KN: Now is this the same woman that both Tommy and Steve refer to as the most beautiful woman they'd ever seen?

We were all interested in furthering each other's careers. was doing, they had, kind of, burned out of celebrities to invite on to the show. MW: Not sure if that's who they're talking about. MW: Yeah, that'd be fun to find that and Allan Blye may know something about that and you could go back to Bob Einstein or Steve and ask them about that.

MW: Oh, yeah, with David Niven and he had that great line about the shortcomings. People in the know were in the know but Middle America - Liberace could be on Lawrence Welk and nobody knew the difference.

KN: A few months back I wrote an article about the Oscar streaker and... KN: The funny thing is that so many of them were accepted in Middle America as great stars, Liberace, Paul Lynde, without ever referencing the sexuality.

Almost all of the classic game show themes are here on this speedy, entertaining disc that will appeal equally to baby boomers and Gen-Xers.