and what, if any are your private reaction's upond reciving one? I thought it was sweet because she thought she was being sweet but, I had a heck of a time figuring out what to do with them. Fortunately she had them fixed before giving them to me so the breeding was kept to a minimum. Thank you, hunny, I will keep this in the middle of my bed and think of you everytime I look at it...."Nah,,,,my immediate thought would be "Great! I think most guys can deal with 1, and make sure it has some kind of meaning.Another toy for my baby (yellow lab--she just LOVES stuffed animals.....)". but as someone mentioned earlier, there are other things we would appreciate more in their place. For example, a girl one time got me a stuffed boxer (dog) because she knew I really liked them and would love to have quite honestly any gift is appreciated..the "thought" after all... A stuffed animal is not very high on the Subotai List of Man Gifts.

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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Men adore their own sorts of toys...TV, the video game system, their old collections of porn....... A couple of new fresh water lures would do in their place a stuffed animal to your man??

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... I mean....their retro-collection of nostalgic toys they had as a kid. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to getting one of those "Leanardo" ones from the hug-a-bunch collection. I would probably only do that as a joke be cute lol unless your mans really girly i spose maybe..usually id just get him a shirt,chain or something intresting..except actually i seen this Monkey stuffed animal dressed up all Hippy and u press its hand and it goes " I was gunna clean my room but than i got high...i was gunna clean my room but than i got high oh ya hey man..the rest of however that song give that to him to let him kno he needs to clean his room as a joke instead of going partying and getting high all the time loltype thing..nothing mushy.thats to feminish...

Honestly a piece of notebook paper with a heart or something drawn on it would be just as good. But if you really want to make a guy feel special take the time to find out what he likes and go from there. Is he a huge fan of some movie/cartoon that would have a line of stuffed toys?

The only way I would give a stuffed animal to a guy, is if it were something very specific that would mean something to him. Is there some particular animal that has become a private joke between the two of you?

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Nearly all of them are important to me so I want to keep them. If a guy comes to my place for whatever reason, is it a turn off if he sees a ton of rabbit, penguin, and Woody Woodpecker stuffed animals in my bedroom?

Is this the kind of thing I should keep in my closest LOL?

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