NOTE: for the arab pplz here and the national pplz married or not, may be they attract to you as any other guy from any nationality what ever married or not, so plz not becuase they are arab so they will be ANIMALS, am I right!

good luck and wish to you good stay @ Dubai Hey Mishi, Yes it's ridiculous that dating websites are blocked, yet you can go out and find a wife/husband at the drop of a hat.

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for dating subject, its not something for legal or illegal its regarding the arabic community habits and the ISP is who blocking these web sites when the another ISP (DU) is not block any.

So, if you are interesting in dating and have new friends it's matter of time and try to take a look about the city and hang up with your work collegues may be as my friends here said you may find someone be near or clsoe to you.

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