Depending on the size of the user base, this ranges from months to years (yes, years).That’s simply recognition of the fact that other companies have software release cycles that may not be immediate (after all, quality software takes time).after a day i shut down the computer, something must be wrong..

It focuses on allowing you to upload from your own device (or the Strava app) to the site, where it shows you your performance against others within a given ‘segment’ – or basically a small chunk of a course or route.

As we turn to look at Strava and the integration I talked about above, we’ve seen probably the most unique innovation coming out of these 3rd party companies leveraging Strava activities in the form of people taking ‘big data’ style approaches to analytics of data.

Even some of the most isolated companies within the space have done that, for example, the walled garden of the Nike platform has opened up in the last year to allow more friendly operability.

For those not familiar with Strava, the hugely popular platform has been primarily targeted at cyclists, and enables analytics of your training and racing data.

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(2014 Update: Just as a heads up that on January 6th, 2014 Strava remedied many of the items I discussed here.

Hey, my computer won't start after accidently shutting down during windows update - the one that says 'Please do not turn off the computer'.

When I turn on the computer there's a black screen of Repair / Start Windows Normally(which if I click on it, the black screen shows up again) and if I choose to repair, it takes at least a whole day..

For example the heat maps and ride analytics coming from Race Shape that I posted about nearly a month ago.

Except, all that great work has pretty much come to a screeching halt for Strava users over the last two weeks with one sweeping change, and then a series of smaller changes over the proceeding months. Effective July 1st, Strava disabled access for 3rd party apps to connect to Strava data for the vast majority of 3rd party apps on the market. Simply put, they are ones developed by other companies to interact with Strava services.

This means that they should offer 3rd party developers the ability to take that data with your permission (at your request) and effectively ‘do cool things’ with it.