Cats can sometimes be very agitated and nervous travelers.Some cats never seem to calm down on the trip, and can become a complete terror.

Once we get used to the cat carrier, you can put us on the back seat in the car, well-secured with the seat belt and with the cat carrier properly locked.

Before embarking upon the adventure of going on vacation with the family in the car, you should first get us accustomed to traveling in the car.

The best way to proceed with your trip is to just tolerate the extra noise, and the agitation of your pet.

It is better for them to be a little agitate, healthy, and alive, than any possibility of severe side effects.

Thank goodness I understand them and got them to see, little by little, what was okay and what wasn’t so okay!

I don’t want you to go through the same thing, so here I’m going to tell you how to take a car trip with your family cat.The first thing you should do, humans, is choose the right cat carrier.In my experience, the best kind is a hard-sided plastic cat crate with a metal cage door, which I find sturdier and much safer.While there are plenty of succesful stories of using a cat sedative while flying, there is evidence the chances of death increase for pets which are sedated prior to air travel.You probably are not willing to risk your pet’s life only in the hopes of making his trip more relaxed.Trying to use a small does of human sedatives is an almost sure way to shorten your cat’s life.