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Collect toys, books and toiletry items from your neighbours to donate to your local youth, seniors’ or women’s shelter.

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What you can do about Family Violence in your community “In the majority of cases [of family violence deaths], there were several risk factors that family, friends or co-workers could have identified.

Had they understood the significance of what they were seeing, they might have been able to inform the person who became the victim of the risk or they may have been able to intervene with the abusive man.* We want to change public attitudes so that everybody, whether a friend, neighbour or a family doctor, will look at this issue differently and respond.”1 If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911.

This is usually extended family, friends, neighbours, co-workers or spiritual leaders.

After that, people may reach out to a service agency or seek out government services such as police, courts and child protection.

PLEASE SEND TENDER SUBMITTALS TO OUR TENDER FAX: (780) 481-2033 Site Excavation & Grading / Sand & Gravel Supply / Concrete Piles / Site Concrete: Barrier Curbs – Apron / Concrete Supply / Rebar Supply / Concrete Place & Finish / Misc.

The weather statistics displayed here represent the value of each meteorological parameter for each month of the year.

Other community members can help support them to connect to sources of help.