I think.) That being said, it also contains sexual themes not suited for children, as well as a potential loli-pedo-fin... Thus, if you are offended or disgusted by wet cunts and people getting hot and heavy, (or, you are under the age of 18), you have no need for this guide and should not play the game.--------------- Main Characters --------------- * Tsuchimi Rin: The man who can become either a god or a devil.January 30, 2004 (PC, limited ed.) February 27, 2004 (PC, regular ed.) December 17, 2004 (PC, standard ed.) October 20, 2005 (PS2) November 22, 2007 (PC, anniversary ed.) October 30, 2009 (PC, Essence limited ed.) November 27, 2009 (PC, Essence standard ed.) is a Japanese visual novel developed by Navel. The second series was a twelve-episode readaptation and was broadcast between January and March 2007.

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She followed Nerine to the human world to meet Rin, having been told much about him from her sister. ----------- Walkthrough ----------- * Kaede -Ask about Sia -Kaede -Don't take her in -Actually, I've got something to do -Kaede can be trusted with food -Go home with Kaede -Go home -Just go shopping -Either (save and select other for CG) * Lisianthus -Ask about Sia -Lisianthus -Take her in -Actually, I've got something to do -Best to play it safe -Go home with Kaede -Look around a little longer -Go Shopping -Either (save and select other for CG) *At this point, Lisianthus' route branches a bit between her two selves. -Catch her *Normal Sia* -Make her Stop -Dodge * Nerine -Ask about Nerine -Nerine -Take her in -I guess I'm free -Go home with Kaede -Go home -Just go shopping -Either (save and select other for CG) * Asa -Ask about Sia -Someone else -Don't take her in -Actually, I've got something to do -Maybe I should mention Asa? It may not be reproduced in part, in whole, or in teeny tiny pieces without my explicit consent and permission.

--------------------- Supporting Characters --------------------- * Eustoma: King of the gods, and Sia's doting father. A handsome lady's man, his personality is the exact oposite of Eustoma's but for some reason, they get along really well. Player to the extreme, he's also the smartest in the school. -Go home with a friend -Go home -Just go shopping -Either (save and select other for CG) * Primula *In order to unlock Primula's route, you MUST first play through Nerine's route first. Three days -_-)* -Ask about Sia -Someone else -Take her in -Actually, I've got something to do -Best to play it safe -Go home with Kaede -Go home -Take this oppurtunity to do something with Primula -Either (save and select other for CG) -------------- Special Thanks -------------- Thanks to Warrof, for spotting an error for Primula's route. ------- Contact ------- If you find any errors or have a question or comment, feel free to contact me at [email protected] sure you type "Shuffle" somewhere in your subject, or my spam filter'll flame it. -------------------------- Authorized use & Copyright -------------------------- The only websites authorized to display this guide, in part or in full, are Gamefaqs and Super Cheats.

An all around good guy, his parents died in an accident when he was a child, and his family's long time friend and neighbors, the Fuyous, took him in.

Being raised in the same house as Fudou Kaede, he grew up learning to be very kind to girls.

The second was a comic anthology published by Kadokawa Shoten between July 2004 and December 2005.

The first was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's magazine Comptiq between December 20.Has a muscular figure and a good heart, and best friend of the King of Devils. If not, you'll always be re-routed to Kaede's path, no matter how determined you are or how long you try. announcements Art Ask Redditaskscienceawwblogbookscreepydataisbeautiful DIYDocumentaries Earth Pornexplainlikeimfivefoodfunny Futurologygadgetsgaming Get Motivatedgifshistory IAm AInternet Is Beautiful Jokes Life Pro Tipslistentothismildlyinterestingmovies Musicnewsnosleepnottheonion Old School Coolpersonalfinancephilosophyphotoshopbattlespicsscience Showerthoughtsspacesportstelevisiontifutodayilearned Two XChromosomes Uplifting Newsvideosworldnews Writing Promptsedit subscriptionsr.hooks.get('reddit').register(function() { var timeout, ad Loaded = false; var age; if (! There have been two manga series based on the visual novel.premiered in second place at the time of its release and remained in the top 50 for an additional three and a half-months.For the second question, go to your 'Quests' area and click the box for the 'Love is in the Air' quest. If not, you may not have unlocked the quest yet, you need to be level 7.