Cons: 2 things-#1 is PJ uses the same subject matter on a couple of songs.

Girls, the mall, and getting digits are subjects that are re-occurring on this album.

Utilizing the same bold candor he employs in popular rap group LA Symphony, Pigeon John is instantly lovable on his new solo project.

pigeon john is dating your sister tracklist-11

DJ Rhettmatic of the Beat Junkies offers up the two strongest beats on the album, with PJ himself producing a majority of the remainder.

But his Average Joe stance matches his casual rhythms.

Maybe once or twice but anymore than that and you wonder if he should have maybe had another guest spot to fill in those empty spaces on his note pad. Unfortunately this artist chose to “ride the fence” with some of the language.

I cannot recommend this album in good conscience to my youth group kids, or my own kids for that matter.

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[Verse One] Here I go again Drifting from home And I'm all alone Driving on the 10 Freeway late at night Going towards the shore But what the hell for Cause all we gonna do is fight [Hook] I'm pretending what I feel Trapped inside, what's not real And you tell me all I need to know Yet it blows away And I'm all a- [Verse Two] And here I am Standing at your door Just like before Cause it's all a game They named us as pawns And we're pros at this That's when we kiss And lost what was gone Gasping for air Searching for ground Sinking in my sound But there's nothing there [Hook] [x2] I'm pretending what I feel Trapped inside what's not real And you tell me all i need to know, but And I'm all alone [8x] And I'm all a- [Verse Three] I'm sorry now What was I to do?

I'm way past blue Makes me wonder how Could I sink so deep?

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