Due to the alternative lifestyles many of us soul-seekers live—off-grid, away from societal standards, often in gypsy mode, matters of intuition and heart winning over mind-matters—a list of Spiritual Dating Do’s and Don’ts is awfully useful to bounce off one another. We, spiritually in-tune folks require connection in many levels beyond physical: intellectual, energetic, soul, past life and beyond.

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However, it is important to be mindful that your inquiries could prompt your date to ask the same of you, so try not to ask a question you wouldn’t be willing to answer in return. Discussing health issues and physical ailments are a no-no.

It is best not to resurrect the wrongs of your past relationships because you can inadvertently reflect light on possible previous mistakes. You want your date to get to know your personality, beliefs and values, and in turn, find attractiveness in them, not your income earning potential. Stay away from boasting about your children, if you have them.

Share what is good and positive about you and your life and be open to learning all you can about your date. of a bad marriage, a painful childhood, financial problems or ill health.

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Otherwise, it will be too late and you have no other choice but to move on. Remember that this list of DO’s and DON’T’s does not guarantee 100% that you will get your ex-girlfriend back.

And then there’s this other thing called cyber stalking. Your ex-girlfriend is a human being with whom you want to re-build your relationship with, not a property that you wish to re-possess.

You check her profile every 5 minutes, you “like” every photo and selfie she has uploaded, then you also “like” every photo of her that other people uploaded, and you write a comment and then tag her name on it. No matter how ugly your break up had been, no matter who did what, if you want to rebuild your relationship with someone, you have to forget the past.

You have to set aside all of the negative and ill feelings you have towards each other. If she tells you that she doesn’t trust you anymore, don’t demand for it.

Post-Divorce Healing and Rediscovering Your SELF,” Deborah Hecker, Ph. is a psychotherapist with over 35 years of private practice experience. In addition, she is certified as a psychoanalyst and has extensive training in the following areas: addiction counseling, grief counseling, collaborative practice and mediation.

She received her Master’s Degree from Columbia University and her Ph.

That will land you in the “problem child” category.