Research shows that egg white protein has similar effects on stimulating muscle development as whey.

Arginine is also present in high amounts in egg white protein.

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Absolute Organix is pleased to introduce PROBYO, a new range of cultured, pro-biotic rich fruit/vegetable juice concentrates.

Probyo drinks are produced by natural lacto-fermentation, us Ing naturally-occurring probiotic microbes such as yeast, acetic acid bacteria and lactic acid bacteria to ferment the plant sugars.

All products are all now clearly labelled gluten-free, and many of them are vegan, so they’re not just for Noakes fans.

In response to market needs we’ve introduced several giant-sized single serving cookies.

Despite all the hype from the fish oil industry that denigrates plant-based Omega-3s, there is solid research to show that this is a simplistic viewpoint that ignores key processes involved in fatty acid metabolism and that ALA is a crucial dietary source of EPA and DHA, the essential fats also found in fish oils. So don’t be too easily seduced by an industry that makes a fortune out of what was once a waste product from commercial fishing and which requires intensive processing and the use of heat (which destroys Omega-3s) in order to make it safe for human consumption. And because they’re mostly in capsules to hide the gross taste, oxidation is often masked: did you know that the smell of rotting fish is actually the smell of its oils going rancid?

Rule of thumb with fish oils: if it repeats on you, it’s probably rancid.

Lifematrix, South Africa’s leader in clean proteins, has now added Free Range Egg White Protein Powder to its range.

Egg whites are one of the highest-quality proteins available.

Manufactured in Cape Town, these pressed superfood bars are nutritionally dense, low-GI, high in protein and fibre, and tick all the “free-from” boxes (like no gluten, dairy, trans-fats, hydrogenated oils, added sugars, artificial preservatives etc).