Brian Cummings, vice president of Technology Commercialization and Knowledge Transfer, attributes the rapid growth to both a shift in culture at Ohio State and the creation of new entrepreneurial programs that encourage that kind of activity.

For example, this past month, Columbus businessman Robert Underhill found himself on an entrepreneurial “speed date” with Jane Wright, curriculum manager for OSU Extension, to learn more about a mobile-based teaching platform she had developed called “Total Animal” and help think about the prospects of developing a business product from it.

Twenty-five followup company deep-dive meetings are scheduled, 15 new mentors agreed to be a part of TCO’s expanding mentor network and TCO projects the creation of two additional companies from that event alone.

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Underhill had been drawn to TCO’s South Campus Gateway office for the “speed dating” event — actually called Startup Snapshot — that showcased a sampling of Ohio State’s startups in the pipeline.

More than 60 CEOs and entrepreneurs were invited to TCO to hear 10 faculty startup pitches — including Wright’s — and one student startup pitch.

“It was the whole elevator approach with the added luxury of immediate followup.

Audience members were truly engaged and I connected with enthusiastic entrepreneurs who would make great partners on any number of projects.” The event was slated to last until p.m.“To see our faculty out late into the evening working on their new company ideas was amazing.” Wright found the experience of pitching her brainchild to a room of seasoned entrepreneurs to be anything but intimidating. Along with being incredibly helpful, it was so much fun.” Of course, the event was about more than just a good time.The affects of the event are all pointing to a successful launch.Each presentation was a brisk three minutes, after which the round-robin “speed dating” session broke out to match CEOs with inventors.“Presenting at Startup Snapshot forced me to distill my idea down into its basic elements yet allowed for in-depth conversation too,” Wright said.While no two people are alike, we use our judgement and experience to try and connect you with someone you might really like.