It not only allows members to report ANYTHING, but also heavily sensors memes and posts for SOME.They allow you to speak of selling sex/drugs, and you can be racist or rude depending on if you're reported.

my year book dating-22

"With relatively little effort, we created a truly unique book that people found difficult to stop complimenting us on.

I grew up with a yearly yearbook, and the one created by Yearbook Machine is by far the best of them all." "Yearbook Machine is incredible, it allowed us to get 300 people to make their profiles in a very short space of time. We are all ecstatic with our books, and everyone has said they will keep them forever." "Working with Yearbook Machine has been a great experience.

Even if you delete, and reinstall only a matter of time before it starts again.

Horrible app if you're an adult with anything over PG personality.

View our Terms of Service at: our Privacy Policy at: love the app and think it's awesome!

But for some reason all day today it's displaying the message "something floated away. Now I've seen this message before and i either have to simply close and reopen the app, restart my phone, or it just works itself out within a couple of minutes.

The system itself is ingenious and the books were of exceptional quality.

Older people should not stay in their empty houses, read books or watch TV.

The locations are almost always wrong but it gets the state right at least.