I currently have Weihrauch & BSA rifles but after experiencing your fantastic customer support I will be looking at buying a Daystate rifle when my funds allow.

The Mamba3D is THE ideal machine to start exploring the wonderful world of 3D-printing.

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This way you'll keep track in the fast changing development of 3D-printing.

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My Matics started in 2012 in The Netherlands and has a focus on new technologies.

The tremendous advancements made in the 3D-printing area have intrigued us for several years.

I would just like to say thank you for your help & support regarding my recent purchase of my MTC Viper Connect 3x12x32 scope.

I am extremely pleased with it & I am now looking to possibly buy another for my other rifle.Changes in v2.1.4: Add support for CFW 4.76, 4.75DEX, 4.60DEX, 4.76DEX Changes in v2.1.3 (12 Jun 15): MAMBA updated. MAMBA updated (Add support for CFW 4.75) Changes in v2.1.2: MAMBA updated (Add support for mm CM) Changes in v2.1.1: (MARCH 25) - MAMBA updated Add support for mm CM Changes in v2.1.1: (MARCH 24) MAMBA updated: Add support for Net Iso (like COBRA) Changes in v2.1.0: MAMBA updated: -Add support for discless (bdmirror) mode with JB format game (dynamic patch of like COBRA) -Enable opcode "SYSCALL8_OPCODE_AIO_COPY_ROOT" -Add support for 4.70DEX -Code improvement and cleaning Add remove LV2 memory protection for all rebug cfw bellow 4.53 Add support for 4.70DEX MAMBA/PRX Loader payload updated: add an opcode to check if its really loaded Loader and Autoloader will now check if MAMBA/PRX Loader payload is truly installed Note: I will compile now MAMBA payload with version 4.1.1 of GCC (like COBRA) it save a few ko.Changes in v2.0.0: * MAMBA/PRX Loader has now is own payload to load MAMBA instead of using Iris (sky) payload.Mamba is a simple & flat one page Bootstrap template, suitable for creative to build their profile.Coming with minimal navigation menu, Wow effect, Smoothscroll and pure css lighbox on portfolio images.* Beautiful stock photos from As of October 20, 2016 all the themes (inluding the Mamba theme) now are maintained and supported by Bootstrap Made.We are passionate about 3D-printing and we are convinced 3D-printing will change our everyday life.