That's right Rihanna had fame before Chris but she got bigger fame with that situation.

She shows up to the shows and events that they book her, people wished they had a management team as Roc Nation. People wonder why she is so successful and "can't"'s the people behind the voice that has helped achieve her success.

Shit, WALE switched Recoed Labels and Still is under management with Roc NAtion, cause he knows who is making him money and giving him exposure... Haters are going to hate and not do their homework on how a business is ran...

These are 40 Things You Didn’t Know About Lil Wayne. He went by the names Shrimp Daddy and Baby D before Lil Wayne. His first album is almost completely curse-free because of his mother’s wishes. He has “Lucky Me” tattooed on his neck as an homage to the Jay-Z song. He’s had one tattoo teardrop removed, at his mother’s request. Despite his frequent raps about selling cocaine, he says, “I haven’t sold a brick.

He also has an entire verse from the song tattooed on his leg. He says that he stopped listening to other artists’ music after Jay-Z’s The Black Album. He met manager Cortez Bryant when he joined his high school band’s cymbal section, which Bryant led. His mom encouraged him to have a daughter at 15 because she was lonely while he was on tour with Cash Money. He claims that his tour bus was shot up by angry groupies who he wouldn’t sleep with. He admitted to having crabs once, and called it “the worst.” 9. I haven’t had to see one unless I wanted to snort it.” 12.

She performed "Only Girl In The World," "Disturbia," "Umbrella," and of course, her newest single "California King Bed." She also debuted her new music vid for the track too for the crowd: For a change, I'm loving the hair this time around.

Big curls--especially in this red color--DEF work for her.

She could always go under new management, but why fix something that is not broken? I know first hand how resourceful Roc Nation is to their artist, they are doing a great job of promoting, marketing, and branding Rihanna, and since Rihanna is smart she will keep a healthy relationship growing.

Entertainment is her livelihood, therefore, she needs to remain in the spotlight and regardless if you like it or not Roc Nation is propelling her into that light. But Rihanna needed Jay to get where she is right now and instead of yoking the cord and dipping set, she is remaining loyal and having the best career in pop.

I think that Rihanna is just too desperate to be friends with Beyonce while Beyonce will only be seen with Rihanna when it most benefits her.