" which made me laugh, then made me think: maybe Twitter's status as an enchanted looking glass isn't limited to famouses.The mirror told the wicked queen the truth, even when it was unpalatable.

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Our online personalities may be an exaggeration of ourselves, but perhaps "In Ternet Veritas"?

Regardless, Twitter demonstrates the ugly reality of problems like racism, as illustrated by the recent case of "Muamba tweeter" Liam Stacey.

But what a reflection on our society that we still have to hand out food parcels to people." @meganamram She's a young LA-based comedy writer/performer whose finely crafted jokes make me scream. Sample tweet: "I'm the only one who knows this is a murder mystery dinnerÂ…" @mr_st_john I share his approach to food and cooking. " @uksupremecourt ItÂ's worth following the big organisations. • This article was amended on to correct the spelling of Jane Bruton's name.

His Twitter feed is a true representation of him – honest, witty, interesting and entertaining. Also try: @Judiciary UK is a great resource for actual transcripts of breaking judgments; @libertyhq; @cpsuk; @JUSTICEhq and @Intl Crim Court. The original also listed Sofia Castillo in the item on Emma Freud.

Just ask Samantha Brick, Ricky Gervais and Cat Bin Lady.

Thanks to Twitter, television – George Orwell's "cyclopean eye" – has become a compound one, a multi-screen myriad of information streams.

She is loved by many and loves many, but I hope I'm her favourite – and that's not just because of her Savoy card.

@garethspanitini I like tweeters who really embrace the medium and who don't commit the sins of arrogance and relentless self-promotion or simply tweet too much. We became good friends over Twitter and he's been over from Australia to stay. If you weren't following you may as well pack up and go home.

His tweets really make me laugh, which is enough for me first thing in the morning. @morrisseysworld Most likely a parody account, but whoever is behind it manages to deliver many caustic and witty gems – rather like the real Morrissey, who is never lost for a unforgettable one-liner.

@joey7barton Although taking a break, he has been the crown prince of Twitter. @shappikhorsandi Charming writer and comedian who makes her domestic trivia totally gripping.

Twitter's fuel is extreme emotion – jealousy, rage, mawkish sentimentality and LOLZ.