Funny GPS: ---------- Steal a luxury car with a GPS with a female voice.

She sometimes makes the "bing bong" notification sound herself while giving directions.

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Phone numbers: -------------- The following locations and people can be called from your cellphone. Bean Machine Coffee : 555-0110 Emergency Services : 911 Express Car Service : 555-2222 Express Car Service : 555-3333 Fire Proof Doors : 555-5700 Hero Shop : 555-8575 LCPD Recruitment : 555-RECRUIT Liberty Construction : 555-1274-73 No Problemo Bail Bonds : 555-945-733-92 Storage : 555-221-3877 Superb Deli : 555-4674 The Serrated Edge : 1-800-555-5555 Used Auto Parts : 555-7300 Vinewood Laundromat : 555-5123 Zi T : 948-555-0100 -People: ........ Regaining health: ----------------- Use the following trick to regain health during a mission.

Blackmailer from "Call And Collect" mission : 843-555-0124 Drug dealer from "Lure" mission : 545-555-1022 Roman Bellic : 718-926-7215 Avoiding calls: --------------- To avoid being interrupted during a mission by a friend or want to explore the city and do not want to get a call for another mission, bring up your cellphone menu. Leave the mission area and go to a Cluckin' Bell, hotdog stand, etc, and eat food to replenish your health if you are low and cannot find a health pack.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Cheat Codes - GTA 4: -------------------- Submitted by: Lucas_BR All you need to do in order to activate the following status boosts and spawn tricks is use Niko's mobile phone to call the related numbers.

Though 360 achievement whores: please note, cheats 1 - 4 will block the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" achievement while 5 and 15 will do the same for "Walk Free".

Gently nudge him with your car, enough to knock him over but not enough to hurt him.

After a few times, he will open the car door and throw you out.Current music information: -------------------------- Dial ZIT-555-0100 on your cellphone to get a text message listing the title and artist of the music currently playing.Getting tossed by friend: ------------------------- Invite a friend to hang out with you.* To lose your wanted level, simply enter a safehouse and save your progress. * Get outside of the active radar zone and call a friend.If you reach someone and not their voicemail you will get rid of your wanted level as the police are.If you are trying to run away from anything, try to run with the lightest weapon (or no weapon) if possible.