The aptly named “Bombshell” made her way into the house and seemed to stir up feelings of jealousy within the girls, particularly cast mate Kori.

Due to the tension between the two, it lead to a brawl that caused both to have black and bruised eyes, and Ashley left the show.

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In fact, it was a contributing factor of their break up (because Drake didn’t want her to make him look bad on TV), the other fact was that he was getting a little too chummy with Malia. She was very upfront with her past as a stripper and how she felt about certain girls.

Other than running into those drug peddling charges, she was in other music videos, she released her own single “Best Friend,” released a line of catsuits called Body by Cat. By the way, her Body by Cat line is doing a charitable donation by helping hungry families in Philly during December. But when her friendship with fellow participant Lea began to unravel, she acted out in anger, which lead to her leaving the house.

When she came back for the reunion she was a lot more calm, and told Perez and the audience that seeing herself act out on television really evoked a change in her.

She eluded to the fact that she was no longer a stripper.

The “Boojie” girl with the fly weave, Tiara was a character on the show and definitely a fan favorite.

Always up for making people laugh, but never shying away from letting people know what time it was, she was known by her catch phrase: “Keep it cute, or keep it on mute.”After the show, she did a cameo on the Las Vegas season of BGC, she released a line of lip glosses and lipsticks, and she is the proud mother of a beautiful baby girl.She did a few vlogs with Lea, and can be found in a few of the other BGC alum pics at their various hangouts, but as of now she has stayed out of the limelight.Ashley didn’t really get a chance to show the world her full personality because she came in on the last 3 episodes with other bad girl Christina.Enough with the talking about it, let’s be about it with: SEASON 5: Welcome to Miami Catya was a self-proclaimed “classy” bad girl, with the phrase: “I’ll either snatch a b–ch for you, or you get snatched by that b–ch.” Known for wearing high class garb, but letting her Philly side jump out whenever she was tested, she left the BGC because it was beneath her.Well, before the show she was an already established urban model who appeared in print campaigns and music videos. Last week we did the seasons 1-4 ladies, now let’s get it on with the season 5-8.