it's pointless u know, u can hate her behind the screen, everyone is still going to listen to her songs, which has smart lyrics fyi (ya ya i know not including shake it off, out of the woods, and basically SOME of her latest singles.) have a nice day I see what you're saying but at the same time sometimes people fall in love easily.You can still having a loving amazing relationship that was just 3 months than you can with one that lasted 2 years.People are commenting here as if they know Taylor and whatever happened in her relationships.

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Is damon fizzy dating taylor swift video

If you're the girl who needs a boyfriend and then she loses that boyfriend you need to replace it with a different boyfriend, it's just a constant stream of boyfriends.

I don'twanna be that girl *cough cough* HIDDLESTON *cough cough* Keylanmusic And she has every right to.

Don't speak of hiddleswift as if you know what happened with calvin or tomWhen she falls in love is a big deal and a rare thing *cough cough* HIDDLESTON HARRIS STYLES KENNEDY GYLLENHAAL MAYER LAUTNER JONAS *cough cough* JUST FYI: I hardly think that she is bashed because she dates a lot of people, it's because she makes a HUGE deal out of a 3-month relationship and acts like the end of that relationship is a freaking tragedy.

She wrote an entire album about Gyllenhaal and they dated for like 3 weeks, for fucks sake.

However this was due to the misunderstanding of the people.

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And nobody's saying the guy's not allowed to right a song about her too.

in fact she's said herselves that If a guy wants to write a song about me, go ahead i don't mind.

Noone would care if she just slept around and didn't act like she was living the ULTIMATE LOVE what if she is a romantic and takes love seriously?

i find that btw writing songs is something every artist does but only Taylor gets bashed about it because of course she is a woman.!!

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