* Change the hostid/ethernet address of a Sun 3/80, sun4c, sun4m, sun4u or sun4d machine.

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How do I change the hostid and/or ethernet address of my Sun workstation? My Sun is in full-security mode (can't even boot without password) and I don't know the EEPROM password. (Replace chip) The information in this document applies to the following Sun architectures: sun4c, sun4m, sun4d, sun4u, sun3x (but not to sun4, sun3) All of these questions relate to the NVRAM chip in the Sun workstation.

If the machine retains its hostid and ethernet address, then you probably don't need to replace the NVRAM chip.

If you are interested in changing your hostid to deal with software licence issues, you should probably try the scripts/programs in this package first, as most of them don't make permanent changes to a chip on your motherboard. You can retrieve this package from: * ftp://ftp.wimsey.com/pub/crypto/sun-stuff/gz * ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/he/henderso/gz * Some related links: * a Japanese language file with information on reprogramming and replacing the NVRAM in a sun4c machine. General sun4c, sun4m, sun4d, sun4u IDPROM Programming 3. This document is for people who want to accomplish one of the following tasks: * Install a new NVRAM chip in a Sun 3/80, sun4c, or sun4m machine.

* a Japanese language eeprom-nvram FAQ * For other Sun Hardware questions, check out The Sun Hardware Reference available from ftp://ftp.picarefy.com/pub/Sun-Hardware-Ref * For those who want more technical information about the NVRAM chips themselves, SGS-Thomson has a WWW page with datasheets for the M48T02, M48T08, and M48T59Y on * Useful tools for Sun Workstations at document consists of the following parts. A Quick-and-Dirty Guide to Restoring the NVRAM of a sun4c/m/u Machine 4. Usually this will be due to NVRAM failure or loss of the NVRAM password in full security mode.

"The $timezone parameter and the current timezone are ignored when the $time parameter […] is a UNIX timestamp." Watch out – this means that these two are NOT equivalent, they result in different timezones (unless your current timezone is GMT): I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned, but when constructing a Date Time with just the year as a string, Date Time will pre-initialize itself with NOW and then replace the year, so if today is 7/12/2016: When passing a non US or SQL date string the date will be formatted incorrectly.// UK date d/m/Y.$date_time = "08/03/2016 ";$dt = new Date Time($date_time, new Date Time Zone("Europe/London"));// Gives 2016-08-03echo $dt- Although this function throws an exception on invalid $time values (empty strings, for example), the exception can't be caught because it's a fatal exception.

Use functions such as checkdate() and strtotime() to validate the string first.

Sun workstations are a little strange in this regard, they don't get their MAC addresses from the ethernet hardware itself.

The most up to date version of this document can be obtained from the following sites: * ftp://ftp.wimsey.com/pub/crypto/sun-stuff/html * ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/he/henderso/html * Plain text versions of this document are available from the following: * ftp://ftp.wimsey.com/pub/crypto/sun-stuff/* ftp://ftp.netcom.com/pub/he/henderso/* FAQ is also distributed as part of a larger package for spoofing the hostid on Sun workstations called change-sun-hostid. How to start and stop the NVRAM clock on the Sun 3/80 and sun4c machines d. Credits ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Introduction and Hardware Every Sun 3/80, sun4c, sun4u, and sun4m architecture machine contains an NVRAM chip (not to be confused with the NVRAM in Prestoserve).

That is similar to how, for example, Febuary 29, 2014 would be handled, which would be interpreted as March 1, 2014.

The difference is, that with the date that would be an error, with the time it is not.

In particular, parts of change-sun-hostid can be used to modify the apparent hostid for some or all processes on a UNIX system without messing with the NVRAM. Other more arcane methods for modifying the IDPROM e. This NVRAM chip stores various configuration parameters (e.g. However, the IDPROM information is stored in a flash EEPROM and is downloaded into the NVRAM during POST.