Here is some advice that can help you pursue God’s will in your dating relationship.

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It is important that we choose to date people who truly know God, and model this in their life choices.

Prayer is an extremely powerful tool, particularly in the lives of those who believe in Christ.

In other words, what you see may not be what you end up getting. For example, the couple may avoid sensitive subjects that they fear will disturb the relationship.

One partner may give in unduly out of fear that the other will leave.

As intuitive as this assumption sounds, current research does not bear it out.

Studies (Whitehead and Popenoe, 2002) show that: Why does living together before marriage to prevent divorce end up harming one’s marriage?When we love Christ first, we see love differently, and can love the person we are with, in extraordinary ways.Be wary of those who claim to be in a relationship with Christ, but don’t reflect Christ in word, deed or action.How does this impact a future marriage and ability to be intimate on more than just the sexual level?Given the high divorce rate, it would seem logical to live together before marriage in order to know your partner more fully. You want to take the relationship to the next level but you want to know if the relationship reflects your faith and God’s Will.