Okay, give your husband the benefit of the doubt if the intensity of his gallantry has diminished since the the courtship days. That's Item 2 on the Checklist: Grandiose Sense of Self Worth.

In my book "The Psychopath Test," I meet an enormously wealthy former Fortune 500-type CEO, Al Dunlap, to ask him which of the 20 Hare psychopathic traits he felt most applied to him. Does he tell a lot of stories about himself in which he's always the hero?

Indeed, many of the innovators who gave us the Internet and social networks can easily be described as narcissistic.

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He (or she) can thus fend off criticism, abuse, disagreement, and disapproval effectively and in real time and, simultaneously, preserve the precarious balance of his infantile personality.

Narcissists are, therefore, prone to Internet addiction.

If he says yes, or if he school record confirms it, run. This is because doing so would make him feel incredibly guilty and remorseful. The consensus amongst neurologists is that the part of the brain that shoots the signals of remorse and fear and distress back and forward from the amygdala to the central nervous system under-performs in psychopaths, which frees them up to behave in remorseless, amoral promiscuous ways. So if you see your husband reading this and looking too interested, run.

It's those creeping feelings of anxiety that kind of stop us from hurting other people.

Many moderators and owners of discussion groups and support forums, for instance, are tyrannical narcissistic bullies with little or no impulse control and the tendency to form cult-like settings where the wayward are sadistically penalized and publicly humiliated by peers for speaking out of turn and in contravention of the party line.

In the virtual universe of the Web, the narcissist vanishes and reappears with ease, often adopting a myriad aliases and nicknames.

There's a consensus amongst psychologists that psychopaths -- with all their glib charm and grandiosity and the power to effortlessly manipulate -- do brilliantly in business and politics. Which is why I've written a book about them: "The Psychopath Test." As part of my research, I spoke to hundreds of people--everyone from the doctors who catalogue mental illness, to those who vehemently oppose them, to a Broadmoor Hospital inmate who says he faked a mental disorder.

In the process, I learned that, during the courtship phase, psychopaths come across to the women they're targeting as potentially great husbands.

I knew a woman, Mary, who met an extremely gallant man while Internet dating.

He was so gallant he'd even walk on the road side of the sidewalk.

To the narcissist, the Internet is an alluring and irresistible combination of playground and hunting grounds, the gathering place of numerous potential Sources of Narcissistic Supply, a world where false identities are the norm and mind games the bon ton.