[ ] Navigation split in two rows, for greater view [ ] Crawlers now have a browser picture associated with them. [F] Updated country database with a number of missing countries, including UK.[F] Minor fix to style statistics screen, applying to styles that are not used. 1.1.0 Development release; Excess queries, phrases, and code has been removed.[ ] To keep statistics legible, the engine now only tracks the major and the minor browser versions. [F] Fixed WOL error that was caused by AJAX stats update and that made it look like everyone is browsing the stats. [ ] Since Opera is updated way too often, the engine, from now on, will only identify the primary version marker (7,8,9 as opposed to 7.01, 7.02, 7.21, 8.01 etc).

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[ ] Countries mapped to valid cia abbreviations and the countrybit template has been updated. ) [F] Eliminated a bug which prevented the thread and post limit from having any effect. [F] Eliminated the style stats bug, which originated from users who had invalid styles saved in their profiles. [F] Renamed "gb.gif" to "uk.gif" [F] Renamed "Oceania" region to "Australia and Oceania".

[F] Eliminated a bug which prevented the browser identification from working properly in some cases. [F] Only threads and forums to which the user has permissions are displayed in top threads and forums. 1.2.5 [ ] Rewritten Browser and OS detection (previosly somebody else's module was used).

[ ] The ip database has been updated to the revision of August 30, 2006. [F] Fixed minor bugs which caused errors of the E_NOTICE level. The hack now takes up a maximum of two (2) queries per page in contemporary browsers, and one (1) query in non-javascript browsers.

[ ] A variety of code optimizations and template corrections have been done. 1.3.1 - stable [F] Fixed AJAX coding error, which used synchronous ajax instead of asynchronous, evidently causing higher load. [ ] New v Bulletin Option: Statistics can be configured either numerically or alphabetically.

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