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It won the GT-4 National Championship and a big SCCA competition the same year, thus solidifying Mugen’s racing heritage in the US. Mods: JUN Auto 2.2L stroker kit, cams, pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft; F-CON VPro, A’PEXi RX6 turbo, wastegate, intercooler and aluminum radiator; Power Enterprise timing belt and 1000cc injectors; Cusco MZ Type RS LSD, Garage HRS carbon-fiber driveshaft, 17x9.5" Volk Racing CE28, C-West aero kit, Sun Auto Cyber Speed GT wing, Garage HRS wide fenders, Car Station Marche FRP rear doors, Voltex carbon under-panel and canards; Recaro SP-G seat, Garage HRS dashboard Why We Love It: You might be surprised to know this, but a Japanese dentist by the name of Masamichi Takizawa actually owns this Evo 7.

But it was Sun Auto who turned the car into a beast, a car that posted a 55.801 at the Tsukuba Circuit before it came over the our Super Lap Battle where at Buttonwillow Raceway, it completed a best time of .906, breaking a record set previously by Signal Auto’s R34 Skyline.

Think of these cars as the greatest our scene has ever seen, and we just happened to be lucky enough to be there to capture the moment.

Granted, there are tons of cars that are completely worthy to fill a top 100, but we had to limit this to what we could pull out of our collective archives.

Why We Love It: The Mugen GT-4 CR-X is pure history here.

In 1985, when you couldn’t get a tab unless you ordered something and Pepsis weren’t free, this tiny hatchback was a lovechild of both AHM and Mugen, with specs still shrouded in mystery to this day.All traceable, analytical, or process calibrations includes as …Back in the late 1950s Creamies was asked by a grade school principal to make a frozen treat with milk instead of sugar water.Mods: ’00 B18C5 Integra Type R long block; HKS header, Mugen valve springs, head gasket, oil pan, valve cover and ECU; Toda cam gears, Civic Type R cams, J1 transmission, KAAZ LSD, A’PEXi N1 coilovers, Spoon Sports calipers, 15x6.5" Mugen Rn R wheels, Mugen side skirts, N2 steering wheel, shift knob and steering boss; JDM XSi gauge cluster, A’PEXi VAFC Mods: HKS GT30 PRO S turbo, forged pistons, Super Power Flow, R-Type intercooler, Hipermax D coilovers and Original seats; 18" Super ADVAN Racing Version 2 wheels, Endless brakes, Vertex Ridge aero kit, Yashio Factory hood and carbon doors; Esprit rear wing, Craft Square mirrors, Defend Racing Service shroud panel Why We Love It: NOB Taniguchi’s original drift machine is a car that will live in infamy as it was always the best looking and performing vehicle at D1 events across the world.No other car came close to being as great as this S15 for No One Better.These days, Signal puts most of their energy into their Show-Up division in Japan, doing awesome body work and paint for their clientele.