The Edmonton Oilers' penchant for overspending in order to entice free agents and/or absorbing a bad deal has rubbed off on fans, apparently.

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) is the boys state high school hockey tournaments,and the game i am watching right now,you won't beleive this, Duluth scored 5 goals in the first period alone,and now they're up to 8 with a period and a half left. :-PThere is alot of hockey still being played out there, If you are in Canada go out and watch your local Junior A team, its great hockey, lots of scoring, hitting, faced paced & even the odd knuckle duster, theese kids are our future NHLers, go out & support them. All sports players b^tch about having to make their money during a short career. Most make more in 2-3 seasons than the average mid-level Manager will make in a 25yr career.

Many of the sports players then go one to cushy sales jobs where they close the deal by showing up. Lets see them cut it in the real world for a while longer. I miss the NHL season, but only from a TV viewpoint. The AHL has benefitted from the strike, by having better players stay with them for the whole season. just cuz there is no NHL doesn't mean there isn't a good chance to check around and see some of the other leaguescheck out the CHL.....those guys are the ones who have something to play forgreat hockeywell for the last 10 days we have had the world ice hockey championship...

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The survey offers a glimpse into the dating styles of hockey fans across the country, with 36 per cent of Maple Leafs fans admitting they would marry someone who their family does not approve of. Hey, it’s almost like purchasing a David Clarkson jersey only to see that relationship end in a divorce less than two years later.

Calgary Flames fans bring the heat as they are the most likely to “sext” and consider “bad kissing” a relationship deal breaker.

so i have had my fix, and to be honest it is nice to see some of the best NHL'ers here and across europe for a change......i think we are going to struugle to get a 2005-06 NHL season, and if it comes back if there are anymore than 20 teams i would be surprised.....i think canadians miss hockey more than americans..xxxxxxxx I have my own hockey card business, so I am pretty much hurt'in with this strike.

No one this time has really done anything as in charity games or whatnot.

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Well, here's to next year......there's even a next year.