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She said she's excited to undergo surgery next month and will be "racing back to the studio the moment God affords me the opportunity to hear again." According to Doug E.

Fresh — who was at Brown's side Thursday, along with Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons and his wife, Kimora Lee Simmons; Brown's attorney, Joseph Fleming; Hip-Hop Summit Action Network CEO Dr.

Benjamin Chavis; and model Tyson Beckford — Brown first realized she was losing her hearing when Def Jam boss Jay-Z visited her in the studio. album, Duets: The Final Chapter (see [article id="1512151"]"Biggie Duets LP Features Eminem, Snoop, Tupac, Nas, Ludacris"[/article]), someone had to tap the beat of the song on her shoulder, so that she could keep her rhymes on pace.

The levels, Fresh said, were "exploding loud," and Jay wanted to know why. Fresh also said that when Brown was in the studio with Diddy recently to record a track for the upcoming Notorious B. The track didn't make the album's final cut, and Fresh said he wasn't sure what would come of the tune, which might be used as a B-side to a Duets single or make its way onto Black Roses.

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NEW YORK — Speaking publicly about her hearing loss for the first time, Foxy Brown held a press conference Thursday where it was revealed that the rapper hasn't heard another person's voice for months and has needed someone to tap out beats on her shoulder when in the studio.

As she fought back tears, Brown delivered an emotional speech about the onset of her sudden, profound and severe hearing loss this past spring, while she was recording her forthcoming album, Black Roses.

Brown has since retained new counsel; Tacopina was let go for disclosing Brown's condition.