After the splitting, loop at the line item table and validate the GL account numbers.If the GL accounts are valid, Populate the line item data into BAPI GL and currency tables otherwise append that GL account number into error message table.Transaction code for FI documents are FB01/FB50(Create), FB02(Change) and FB03(Display).

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With my program I can post the Customer & Vendor Account items but for GL account it is giving the following error : E FI/CO interface: Inconsistent FI/CO document header data for updating I'm using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST. I don't have any idea why this problem is occurring.

The accounting documents record changes in values in a company code arising from accounting transactions.

This is explained in subroutines ‘VALIDATE_GL’ and ‘POPULATE_BAPI’.

In case of intercompany postings, in which line item and Header Company codes are different.

An accounting document is a representation within the SAP System of the document (for example, an invoice) that triggered the posting.

BAPI ‘BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST’ acts as the interface between your code and standard transactions FB01/FB50.

In case of the intra company code postings all the currencies are same so the amounts are same In all3 currencies.

But in case of inter company code postings the currencies are different so the amounts are also different.

"Line Item No" wa_accountgl-gl_account = '6402100'.

"Item Text" wa_accountgl-comp_code = it_jvpost-rbukrs. "Company Code" wa_accountgl-profit_ctr = it_jvpost-prctr. "Profit Center" APPEND wa_accountgl TO it_accountgl.

The file should be balanced for the document to be posted i.e. In FI, header table for document data is BKPF and line item table is BSEG.