This book is highly uncomfortable; it was designed this way.

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Learn what you can expect from Russian women of different ages and why marriages with Russian women fail - and what you can do to become a success, not statistics.

This popular e-book is written by Marina Smiley, a Russian woman married to an American man.

It explains you the rules of dating game in Russia and why it is women that are chasing men there, not the other way around.

Step-by-step, from the beginning to the end, it explains you the process of meeting Russian women and what you should do to be successful in your search - and what is more important, what NOT to do (most men seem to make the same mistakes when dating Russian women! If you even remotely interested in the possibility of meeting a partner from Russia, read this book first.

If you have the most remote interest in dating or corresponding with a Russian woman over the Internet, this is the book you cannot afford to miss. It may even happen you will need a cold shower while reading it..know what I mean. The author is a woman but I seriously suspect the book is written by a guy who knows exactly what to do and say to chicks to get them into bed... It will shake you to bits and you are NEVER going to be the same person again. I found the revelations in this book SHOCKING - but I loved it!

In just a few minutes into reading it you are going to get hit right in your gut and struggle for breathing. This girl (or whoever the author is) knows her stuff. It is honest and straight to the point - and also extremely effective (you'll see the effect immediately). A journey where doors will unlock to the hearts of the most beautiful women you can imagine.You don't realize it yet but this journey could be the most eye-opening few moments you will ever spend.The show's notorious lothario Gary 'Gaz' Beadle, will also make a return to the beach, and the girls are set to head-up the all-star reunion cast in series five hits screens on August 16.Jemma and Gaz hit headlines earlier this year when they hooked up during show filming while Gaz was still believed to beread more from dailymail.....not the ones you have to "settle for."Are you that guy that is just glowing with self-confidence? In plain English, it explains why all this stuff is happening to you, time after time, and how you can stop being "just friends" with pretty girls and start getting laid! 1000 Questions For Couples - "An estimated 83% of divorces would not take place if couples asked each other the right questions". Especially in long-distance relationships, when you don't have all the time in the world, this guide can be priceless. 500 Lovemaking Tips and Secrets - More Passion & Intimacy with Great Sex from Oprah Romance Expert. Looking for mild and wild ideas that aren't too "out there"? Discover 500 classy yet fun lovemaking tips & secrets. Sexual Mastery - You Can Attract, Arouse And Overwhelm Any Woman Through The Power Of Sex...