I always read the fans messages posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about how they like Kita’s storyline and persona.The only complaint I get about is how some viewers wish they saw more of her.The vibrant personality of Charles Whitmore’s little sister Kita captivates fans with her outspoken nature and magnetic sense of humor.

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By the time the third season had started airing, she had already won a Regional Emmy for hosting the show and earned a Service To America Award from the National Association of Broadcasters.

She began acting at age nine in commercials for Mc Donald's, Reebok, Sears, Kellog's, MCI, and others.

How have your fans been responding to the new Kita?

Erica Hubbard (born January 2, 1979) is an American film and television actress and model.

EBONY: We’ve witnessed your character bounce around from job to job until she finally decided to pursue a career as a cop., where she portrayed the timid, teenaged Cassandra “Cassie” Sutton.

But those keeping up with the times know that she’s since traded in the young, shy role for her big girl pumps, bringing a dash of sass and a fistful of funny to BET’s refreshing .Erica Hubbard: I am very happy my character has evolved both romantically and career wise.I am really thankful how the viewers of have responded to Kita Whitmore and liked my character on the series.Erica Hubbard started her career doing voice-overs and starring in commercials such as: Mc Donald's, MCI, Reebok and Sears.She has worked in many markets, including Chicago, New York and California. Hubbard has performed in feature films distributed by Paramount, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros.As a unionized actress, Erica Hubbard knows how important it is to be affiliated with organizations in her profession.