Hillary Clinton has been rushed away from the 9/11 memorial service in New York as she was feeling unwell.A video shows the Democrat stumbling and being carried into a van, with aides and security guards on either side.She told the Standard last week: “We don’t believe even a soft Brexit would be right.” This pledge could have been one of the deciding factors in the closely-fought election in a constituency where 70 per cent of people voted to remain.

Here's a current guide to the political makeup of Congress and the White House.

After the 2010 midterms, Obama said: "People are frustrated.

As she is being helped towards the vehicle, she appears to sink towards the ground, and her team gather closely around her to help her back up.

Her campaign said in a statement that Ms Clinton became "overheated" and left the service early.

Shortly afterwards Ms Clinton emerged from her daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan.

A little girl approached her and she was filmed hugging the girl, before smiling and waving to reporters as she walked away.

page=with:block-584ea5cae4b04a74f2782be4#block-584ea5cae4b04a74f2782be4 ICM Unlimited interviewed an online sample of 2,049 adults aged 18 on 9-11th December 2016.

Interviews were conducted across the country and the results have been weighted to the profile of all GB adults.

Beyond that, I'll leave it to all of you and the professional pundits to pick through yesterday's results." ​Members of the 112th Congress were elected in a 2010 midterm election "shellacking" of the Democratic Party. Bush and his party with diminished authority."The unexpected Democratic victory hobbled the right wing of the power elite and returned moderate conservatives to the central position they had held on policy issues for decades until the Republicans took control of the White House in 2000 and then both houses of Congress in 2002," wrote University of California political scientist G. Said Bush after the results became clear in 2006: "I'm obviously disappointed with the outcome of the election, and as the head of the Republican Party, I share a large part of the responsibility. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was re-elected in 2006 as an independent candidate, and became an Independent Democrat.

And they deserve credit for running good campaigns. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut was re-elected in 2006 as an independent candidate, and became an Independent Democrat. Democrats were swept into power in Congress, leaving Republican President George W. *Notes: This session of the Senate began with the chamber evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats.

They're deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery and the opportunities that they hope for their children and their grandchildren.