You’ll find outdoorsy people very kind, helpful, and adventurous (for the most part).Here are 10 reasons why you should date an outdoor guru: 1) They are low maintenance. It doesn’t take them very long to get ready before leaving the house, and they prefer the ‘natural’ look.Seeing the demand for such activities for women, the NWTF expanded its outreach efforts to include a formal Women in the Outdoors program in 1998. According to Southwick Associates, women now make up more than a quarter of all anglers and represent the fastest growing segment within the hunting and shooting communities.

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For the girls, make up, hair products, curling irons, blow dryers, and other beauty products are rarely used, if at all.

For guys, a quick rinse and a hat often does the trick.

As long as they’re getting to spend the majority of their time outside in the fresh air, they are in good spirits. Eating healthy and working go hand in hand with being an outdoor enthusiast.

In order to produce the best results in whichever sport, they must fuel their body correctly and get a good nights rest in order to provide themselves with the energy you need to accomplish their goals.

With a closet that consists of 90% outdoor gear, it doesn’t take long to long to decide what to wear ‘out on the town’.

If they’re spending too much time getting ready that means less time outside. The outdoors provides numerous opportunities for challenge. Whether it’s kayaking, biking, hiking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or trail running. When it comes to each sport, lets dial up the intensity!

They are advocates for our mother earth and support companies such as tentree, who are giving right back to Her.

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