Gianna Jun - saranghae unnie i recently watched this drama and i loved it. How I wish that there's another new episode to this. She's funny, credible, and it's great when she speaks english. There are some good ideas, but as usual for korean dramas, it's much too drawn out and has lots of filler. From Philippines with love I really love this drama. I really love Gianna Jun and Kim Soo-Hyun love team. I hope there will be another drama where they will be the lead cast. They had a pretty good chemistry and both seem compatible with each other. :) This drama will definitely win a lot of awards in all the drama awards (e.g.: 2nd Drama Fever Annual Awards and 2014 SBS Drama Awards)... First off, this is such a beautiful cast, all praises to the casting director for that. hope the later part is just as awesome as the first......people have great expectation....don't disappoint us....up the good work....... the first two ep were really good if its going to be like this for the rest of the eps it will my favorite with master sun and i hear your voice kim soo hyun is an amzing actor skill and looks and for gianna even its my first time watching her i was hooked for real they are an amazing match Another korean drama to crave for : D Gianna Jun is so hot in the poster : O Too bad here in the Philippines it will be broadcast on the flop station GMA. And then, I wish this drama is happy ending and get high rating.. the story line is so interesting : D better than The Heirs : D and love sassy girl~~ she has been my favourite actress from ages..i really appreciate romance especially because of the acting and chemistry of the two main leads. I recently went for this drama based on the rating, lets say that rating is not supposed to be your option to choose a drama to watch, you should consider your taste in genre and storyline I didn't like it(this is my point of view). There's a villain in the show, and when he gets taken out, you are rewarded with like 6 episodes of boredom where it focuses completely on the "romance". Im very very happy that i watch this its very beautiful.thats why this became my favorite korean movie..i want to see kim soo hyun i want to hug him..i already watch this ten times but im not contented i want to watch it over and over again.i wish it'll have part i guess its impossible because guinna jun had already married :((...the way favorite part is in episode 16 because thats tha sweetest part that happend i thought hyung min joon will live unni song yi but he didnt andd a veryy happyy ending SARANGHE DO MIN JOON :* im very impressed, im so inspired the moment i watched this, i hope this kdrama will having a second part.. Still the best thing i like about this drama was its unique plot. Praying for a Season ll, where he can come back and stay longer every time, till they have grandchildren. Good job, and congratulations to all the people involved in the drama, you've worked hard~ And your hard work has paid off as this drama is a massive hit! I'm so loving the push-pull between the main leads, and also the sinister backdrop developing from behind the scenes..... I would say I am usually very picky when it comes to dramas. great chemistry Kim Soo Hyun ♥ Jun Ji Hyun (Dream high meets My Sassy Girl) :) --also I wud like to add the fact that the story line was kinda vampire diary thing.. :) I just can''t wait till' ep 3 & 4 im like litterally counting down! But this show is going to be amazing, an alien and gianna jun... They cut scenes very bad and their dubbing is so O. DAEBAK....\(^-^)// This drama will be my favourite. So happy she finally agreed to film a drama~~ She looks so good with soo hyun! Both ji hyun and yoo inna is so pretty and yeah ji hyun suits better for the character though! Ji hyun is 32( october 1981) and inna is 31(June 1982) they are only 8 months apart.. Don't get me wrong I'm a huge YG Stan and love Yoo inna but for this drama Gianna is better suited as the female lead.

dating now korean drama episode 1-46

Like DOTS many peoples commented disagree about this overrated rating bcs the story is predictable, classic and boring storyline and effect from high commercial. cheesy drama overrated..hae jin acting is better then kim so hyun..chemistry between the lead...i stop watching after five episode... j’espère 1 awards korean du meilleur drama et couple pour eux."you who came from the stars" bon courage. For me, this is one of the best K-dramas I had ever seen so far. This is the first drama that I've watched for about 2 nights only. by the way, it will be aired here in the Philippines but Filipino dubbed. Not that I would stop watching it for that of course, but the supernatural aspect of this story is something important I think. i'll get to see kim soo hyun again ,together with my favorite actress JUN JI HYUN. she's grown older but she looks prettier than ever! i wish i could watch it as soon as it is aired on tv!

human certainly have flaws and faults like cast, director,writer and production crews. The chemistry is PERFECT especially the last episode their kiss scene, AMAZINGLY TOUCHING. m a big fan of kim soo hyun but this drama disappointed me Hi guys! Well, I don't care about rating as long as the drama is fascinating. definitely worth watching I love this drama, the cast, the story, and the effects! I would like to watch this in korean dubbed with english subs. I love this drama 1000000000000x better than the heirs. i love ji hyun and kim soo hyun,,,am looking forward to this movie.aja!!

This is just a great example of a shallow, dispensable, glossy, commercial looking entertainment with no soul with high incessant high budget marketing. Plus, can I wish for another alien to be on this drama?

Beautiful land, beautiful people; beautiful thought, beautiful mind. I adore the writer who made this birth possible and I applaud the whole crew who turned the beautiful creation of the writer into reality. Gets dragged at the end but it is pretty interesting. but seriously, I need season 2 or maybe a Japan version or Anime version. Especially an alien girl (disguised as a 19-year-old student at Yoon-jae's school) since I would love to see some badass girl to teach a lesson on Cheon Song-yi's (Jeon Ji-hyun) high school brother, Yoon-jae (Ahn Jae-hyun).

Ho-Jae, Ho-Jung's brother, is a player, who has good physical features.

Things start to get complicated for Ho-Jae when he falls for Ho-Jung's friend Soo-Ji, who does not have a physical appeal but has a good personality and intelligence.

In a week I watched two dramas with Kin Soo-Hyun as the male lead. Rate it 7.5/10 @mando Their first kiss was just popo (no spit transfer between song yi and min joon) just the lips touched. Sorry for the bad grammar this is korean drama is the best! It'll be great if this fellow suspects the alien girl's identity instead of checking on the alien guy for his sister's safety.

Min joon will be sick if human's spit inserted to his body Lack of english, i know. Among all the korean movies I've watched, I think this is the best so far. Duh, this happened before the previous years in a Kdrama.

They start off on the wrong foot and treats each other as if they were siblings, constantly fighting.

Ho-Jung's friend Cha Hee has a thing for Kyu-In and Ho-Jung later realizes that she too has feelings for him.

Gianna Jun done a great job and she just totally nailed it. the storyline didn't attract me at all, it could have been written in a better way maybe. The romance is not believable since the male lead is like a concrete slab. like getting married, having a kids and do min joon will try anything to make enough to stay to cheon song yi not for just a second but permanently.. It's really funny full of comedy scenes then, after awhile you'll find yourself crying A LOT, huhuhuhuhu!!!! If you are looking for prime time romantic-comedy then you should go for this. Obviously you won't be able to find any drama with alien-human romance anywhere often. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. The chemistry between the two leads is too good that they deserve Best Couple of the year and there was never a scene a boring scene. I thank each and everyone for the making, uploading and subbing of this Excellent drama. Wow, can't believe that it was watched 14.5 billion times... I love this drama so much and I especially love the two main leads. Jae Kyung (Whi Kyung's older brother) pure evil, love it. So pleace not make rubbish scene....I'm said that... & thanks t make good new story drama So where are the people who are in the beginning, they are very negative in this drama and they really compared it to a JDORAMA that is obviously different and incomparable, YWCFS is a fantasy comedy romance drama and not a children drama like Starman, and the director and writer are not stupid and plagiarizers as the others said before this show had started..are very brilliant and creative to do this new concept of drama that and after this show, I think this will be imitated again by other korean dramas like they are doing with the others like time traveling dramas, Fantasy, Paranormal and many many more.... this drama give me a flash-back memories of last drama like : faith, gu family book, master sun and now this's story must be interesting to watch..... It is pretty much the same classic story line, poor girl meets rich boy that Professor Do can even admit sucks. I heard Kim Soo Hyun requested to have kissing scenes in this drama!!!! the difference is that Stefan was a vampire and not an alien :) ow and that doppleganger's also the same.. For those of you who haven't watched this drama yet, WATCH IT, the plot is honestly something i've been wanting to watch its something like that im like in love with this show. A DAEBAK.ji hyun and kim soo hyun so great on this drama..this couple so much,totally lucky to see them again since the thieves. Can't wait for the next Epi ^^ @chassie0537 I totally agree with you! Love my Sassy Girl uri wind struck : D jeon ji hyun fighting : D I don't get why people are complaining saying jun ji hyun is too old and yoo in na is better as main lead -..- like seriously? She has that Top star vibe like her character XD and soohyun looks better with ji hyun!