Chrissy Teigen and John Legend exchanged "I dos" in a lavish Italian ceremony in September 2013, and ever since then, they've brought new meaning to the term "relationship goals." While Chrissy admits to "pretending not to care" when she first met John on the set of his music video for "Stereo," she couldn't help gushing about him during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine back in April 2014, saying, "I'm with someone who is totally secure in himself.He's not trying to be anything other than what he is.Unfortunately for them, their charades skills are nowhere near perfect.

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Her black dress’s slit could’ve been the highest one ever made, reaching all the way up past her hip, and was secured in place with a gold safety pin.

The designer has spoken: There was no wardrobe malfunction in Chrissy Teigen’s American Music Awards outfit this weekend. The model has been receiving crazy responses to her black long-sleeve gown with a fully cutout back and two hip-high slits held together, kinda, by safety pins.

It seems like no time has passed since we found out that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen welcomed a baby girl, but we've already gotten tons of good looks at the new bundle of joy.

In April, Chrissy took to Instagram to share the first snap of her daughter, Luna, leaving us overwhelmed by our emotions.

Those who are marginalized and rejected, feared and left behind.

The video premieres Friday and features a diverse group of people from all over the world.

If people are enticed or excited by that, that’s their thing; it’s just a moment in time that was captured on film. Looks like all is well.’ But obviously, if a photographer is resourceful enough, they can find that one moment.”The responses are still rolling in; some are amazing and some are hateful, which Teigen isn’t letting bother her.

I love the dress and I thought it was great.” He continued: “Honestly, we were worried there might be that moment, so we checked it.

The month got even better, though, when John posted a heart-melting picture of his own, and in September, the two serenaded their little girl with Christmas carols.