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In the western highlands, groups include the Bamoun and the Bamiléké.

The Bamiléké are particularly known for their farming skills and their spirit-focused traditional religion.

The different populations of Cameroon can roughly be categorised into groups of the south, west and north.

In the north, the Fulani are dominant (making up around a tenth of Cameroon’s population).

estuary by Portuguese explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

Camarões was also used to designate the river’s neighbouring mountains.But the first settlers were the ‘pygmies’, many of whom retain their traditional nomadic lifestyle in the rainforests of the south.Officially known as the Baka (or by the names of other minority ethnic groups such as the Ba Kola and Bofi) they were called ‘pygmies’ because of their small stature.Dwelling in the forests, the Bakas and other ‘pygmy’ groups use traditional hunting and gathering methods, living off wild pigs, antelopes and monkeys, and edible plants.Sometimes they trade bushmeat for cultivated crops from farmers outside the forests.By clicking "Finish registration" below, You agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.