This is her lucky day as a Jane Doe with a throat slice is unveiled. r_A sexy Medical Examiner gets to encounter a hot young female that is her type every once in a while.

Not only did I notice and feel the difference but my golf buddies did also.

She drifts off into fantasy land and explains how she would do the job like animal slaughter, she she would feel little pain, instead of the brutality that killed her.

The hot sexy guard is viewed from different angles, tranquil and dead. As each one loses, she removes her clothing one piece at a time, and taking a shot of the whiskey.

As they get more naked, and more drunk, things get funny, until THE HITMAN shows up and tells them not to worry, because their friend Jessie sent him with shots, well the hot lead kind, but anyways He asks "which one of you is Coco", and when she stands and gives him an attitude, he begins his action packed shooting spree starting with two to Coco's belly, as she doubles over he has paced and delivers his next shot to Belle's abdomen, and then one to Savina's Belly to keep her at bay, as he steps around Coco he plugs her in the top of the breast and moves back towards his original mark, and the door, delivering his final shots and exiting like a professional. CBRELENTLESS MONSTER RAPES COCOStarring: Coco w/ Sea Monster Rex ...

After he finishes the last time he comes back and finishes her off by choking her to death and then crushing her windpipe. Coco is a guard clone and one of the best prototypes in the business, but Belle takes her from behind, disarming the guard and grabbing her in a choke hold, the guard fights back, and acknowledges her defeat before choking out unconscious.

When Belle takes her to the floor and she is out cold, she starts playing with her head, rolling it back and forth, playing with her mouth, checking out her hot body.She kisses on her face and neck, then more of the breasts and tummy.Belle grabs some pillows and stretches the guards perfect body out over the pillows.She takes her arms and puts them above her head, crossing them to stretch her torso.She sucks and kisses Coco's breasts and tummy, working her way down to her jeans.She tells him after she plays with her more she will snap her neck so it won't get messy.