dated Katietill his success rate with her went up to about 35%, C. dated Denise and Katieshowed up as the jealous girlfriend.

If CJ stays in the sphere then perhaps the two-timing evaluation will be skipped. I started a new game and used my trusty trainer to spawn vehicles, set money, increase muscle, and warp to San Fierro.

Jealous girlfriends Thanks to Carl Johnson and pdescobar for explaining their experiences inhaving C. According to an in-formative and helpful response from pdescobar (who appears elsewhere in thisguide), this should work: Have C. make two girlfriends, but not date the 1st one or collect any Oys--ters. However, Two-Timing Dates are apparently disabled forever if CJ goes on a date and only has 1 girlfriend, or if he goes on a date when he has more than 1 girlfriend but the jealous girlfriend does not appear (50% chance), or if a Two-Timing date is triggered and he manages to evade the jealous girlfriend. Perhaps there is a difference on PS2, Xbox, or version 2.

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I've been messing around with the Two-Timing dates in hope of collecting their BP/EP/FP/DP cars (see:

dated Katie, Denise showed up as the jealous girlfriend. I need help with this and it's hard to understand the method of how to trigger this. I have all oysters already and I have 100% in all girlfriends except for Millie.

CONFUSED is an understatement I have a question for those of you that know that not dating Denise until you get a second girlfriend will allow you to experience rare cutscenes whenever you're on a date. you did not disable two-timing dates by taking that call from Denise. Not taking or missing the call would have reduced progress by 2% anyway.

If you date Denise before getting a second girlfriend, this will be permanently disabled for the rest of the save. The girlfriends will want to dump CJ when they reach -15% progress, but one successful date will bring it back to 15%.

By permanent you're saying if you ever date a girl without the gimp suit two-timing is disabled?

Do you have to keep reloading your save as well because you mention if the jealous GF doesn't appear it's gone forever as well.

Take her to eat at the pizza joint in Palomino Creek.

Quickly - as in start moving while the fade-in is still happening.

The girlfriends will want to dump CJ when they reach -15% progress, but one successful date will bring it back to 15%.

The two-timing part of the script doesn't become active until 7 seconds into the "return home" part of the date, so there's a trick to successfully dating Denise early in the game.

CJ must move out of the date sphere as soon as he has control or the date will end before the Two-Timing scripts are activated.