Some of the earliest remaining historical features include 100,000-year-old bones of a Neandertal man near Krapina, Hrvatsko Zagorje.

The most interesting Copper Age or Eneolithic finds are from Vučedol culture.

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False bride is one of the most amusing customs in Croatia.

The groom arrives with his guests in front of the bride’s house and asks for his bride.

It is seen as a very important duty, given to people with a long history of being loud, funny and slightly crazy.

They are often seen hanging out the window of the cars as the procession makes its way around town from one location to the next.

A male family member opens the door, but they are not just giving the bride away yet.

The bride’s family try to “cheat” the groom by giving him a false bride.Barjaktar is literally the „banner holder”, the person who leads the wedding party.It is a person who carries and waves the Croatian flag in front of the wedding procession on their way to Church, town hall, or a banquet hall.It has been a crossroad of influences of the western culture and the east—ever since division of the Western Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire—as well as of the Mitteleuropa and the Mediterranean culture.The Illyrian movement was the most significant period of national cultural history, as the 19th-century period proved crucial in emancipation of the Croatian language and saw unprecedented developments in all fields of art and culture, giving rise to a number of historical figures.The maid of honor is holding the basket for the money, and when you throw it in, you get to dance with the bride.