Because individual licences expire on the licensee’s birthday, this information is private and cannot be published.Employers of licensed individuals should maintain their own internal records, which may include licence numbers and licence expiry dates.

We engage such personnel(s) in our security team who has already served Army or the Police Force of their country.

In many cases we have seen that people are not serious in terms of security until any odd has turned out with them.

VISI LA Security Force is and will continue to be successful because of the efforts that are put on by its people.

We are working hard in delivering reliable, value oriented performance and quality service for today’s fast-moving world.

Making use of best and latest technology we ensure you to provide a safe and secure environment.

We make certain that our best Gurkha Guard Services are well trained and experienced in the field of providing the best security guard service.

A list of applicable offences and the associated fines is available online. Offenders who receive tickets still have the option of fighting charges in court, and police officers still have the discretionary authority to require offenders to attend court.

If a security guard or private investigator is convicted of an offence, the penalty is a fine of up to ,000, imprisonment for up to one year, or both.

Wait times vary between 2 business days and 5 weeks for a regular CRC, and up to 6 months for finger printing depending on the agency.4. Exams are scheduled twice per month through approved training providers only.