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She did the right thing by reporting the relationship.

If you have a clearance and you travel overseas or you become involved with someone who is a foreign national either here or abroad you are suppose to report it.

Next show I will have some good information that you need to stay tuned on about where we will see federal jobs for 2010. _______________________ Ellicott City, Md.: My coworker has a TS/SCI and works for the Defense Intelligence Agency and is dating a foreign national, she already reported it, however they would like to get married, her boyfriend is not from a communist country, I can't remember where exactly, Central America I believe, the problem is that my friend's boyfriend has an expired visa/overstayed visa and my friend doesn't know if her TSC can get revoked and on top of that if her boyfriend would be deported.

Well without any further delay let me get to answering your questions. From the security officer they received AN INTENT TO GET MARRIED FORM, in that form they ask for the foreign national's I94 number, they don't know if she would loose her clearance and if her boyfriend would get deported. After all if they get married he will become a citizen, right?

She does not want it coming back on her that she knew that she was involved with someone who was deliberately staying in this country without a visa or under some legal status. The United States is very much so involved in Central America and her involvement with him with the agency she works for the the level of clearance and access to information she has can be seen as a serious threat to national security.

She needs to get this situation resolved as soon as possible.

I want you to read through these disqualifying factors under the Adjudicative Desk Reference (ADR) that is used as a guideline for Adjudicators who are looking at someone's background and determining if they are suitable for a clearance.

The same factors are used during reinvestigations to determine if someone should keep their clearance.

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