“Mainstream media we’ve lost.” He said he hoped that Clinton’s Reno speech would elicit “a full-scale media attack on me,” adding, “I want this to become an international trending topic.” Clinton did not mention Cernovich, but she attacked Alex Jones, the paranoiac Texas radio host, and Breitbart.com, the of the alt-right.

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Next door, a sticker on a garbage bin advertised World Net Daily, a Web site known for promoting birtherism. “They’d probably geek out if I told them my name,” he said.

“Then I’d have to say hi every time I see them, and maybe they’d want to be friends—nah, not worth it.” Cernovich trained as a lawyer.

He launched his current blog, Danger and Play, in 2011, after his first wife filed for divorce. The lush veranda in the Periscope videos belonged to Shauna’s parents, who live a few blocks away. Cernovich sat at the kitchen table, facing a mirror, and placed his laptop next to a teapot full of flowers.

His second wife, Shauna, who is twenty-nine, and pregnant with their first child, was in the kitchen. Mike and Shauna met in 2011, at a bar in Santa Monica. “He grabbed my arm, pulled me into him, and said, ‘You fit nicely.’ ” “It sounds creepy, but it looked less creepy in context,” Mike said. “We were making out, like, five minutes later.” Mike said that, when they started dating, “I didn’t take it seriously. (Shauna is in charge of decorating.) “Right now, a hundred and twenty-eight people are reading Danger and Play,” he said. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”) Early posts included “Misogyny Gets You Laid” and “When Should You Compliment a Woman?

But she just refused to go away, and now—” “I’m married and pregnant! “What’s fun is when you get a hot story and watch the number tick up into the thousands, like a video game.” Nowadays, the blog is mostly a platform for pro-Trump spin, but at first it was about how to pick up women. ” (Answer: “During or after sex.”) Early in Shauna’s relationship with Mike, she read Danger and Play, including such posts as “How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend.” She said, “I would come home from work crying—‘How can you write such rude things?

’ He’d go, ‘You don’t understand, babe, this is just how guys talk.’ ” (Advice from the blog: “Always call your girl ‘babe,’ ” to avoid mixing up names.) Shauna, who has stopped working, continued, “I was still upset, though, and he eventually deleted some older posts.” “I rewrote some of the ,” Mike insisted.

In 2003, he was accused of raping a woman he knew; the charge was later dropped, but a judge ordered him to do community service for misdemeanor battery.

(His record has since been expunged.) On his first blog, which he started in 2004, he offered a libertarian critique of prosecutorial overreach, emphasizing free speech and false rape allegations. The house was clean and compact; the small, paved back yard had a single lawn chair. “I think it’ll be good for him, soften him up a bit.” “I’ll be nice to her, as long as she’s not a basic bitch,” Mike said.

(@beelman_matt: “PC is for PUSSIES”; @ciswhitemale: “Mike is a bosss.”) Cernovich wore a plaid shirt, partially unbuttoned to display his chest hair.