It is true that first impression could not be made the second time.

Take first dating with Colombian girl as responsible step, but at the same time behave relaxed, with good manners, but not boring and shy. Girls do not like quiet and shy men, but they also do not like when man is talking all the time.

Of course, as the man would like to make nice impression on the girl, he would do his best, but advertise you openly is not the best way to do it.

Of course, you do not take into account that Colombian girl might be not what you expect and maybe she will call you and try to be with you but that would be not your plans anymore.

Well, that would be her problems and you are right when you want to make all depends on you, by saying in other words you must try to do your best.

Do not tell you have weak sites and drawbacks, even if you have; this is not a place and time to be sincere.

Many relations were ended having no chances to be started because of too honest stories.Colombian girl might either think it is the way you want to buy her attention or would use you as wallet-man who is ready to buy her gifts and presents but nothing more.One day she’ll meet the man she really love and leave you.In this case there is a chance to have another date and maybe serious relations.At the same time you understand that unsuccessful first date will be the end of possible relations.So, if you don’t want to be silly, you do not have to do whole bunch of things.