Other sports people who ping: Gina Carano - She looks like a female Brian Molko (I'm not complaining on that part lol); Ronda Rousey - Pronoun game type statements in interviews don't help; Adnan Januzaj - Maybe just because he's a hot twink, but he pings; Gerard Pique - Obviously lol; Jenny Jones / Aimme Fuller - British snowboarders - Maybe just because they are snowboarders, but during the olympics me and my closet lesbian friend were convinced they were fucking; Sports presenters / retired sports people: Troy Aikman - obvious; Rio Ferdinand - quite a few rumours about him; Garth Crooks (retired English soccer player, now a pundit) - Has had rumours for year; Doris Burke - Relatively amicably divorced pretty butch = obvious ping; Alison Mitchell (retired British field hockey player, now a cricket commentator) - Not sure why, just pings a bit. They should be."AFTER he left the NHL, when bearding wouldn't matter, he got married to a woman. I never, ever would've thought, on age difference alone. They also have no qualms about printing shit that would never make it in English Canada.

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He gave me his name and I googled him and while he has not been in the Olympics, he is well-known in the field and he does races and hurdle-jumps all over the world. I've heard a couple of stories from servers, who aren't women who turn into Tumblr bitches whenever they're hit on. (do not acquire, character issues) The Flyers might take him, but that's about it.r134 I thought they were fairly stable now. Hextall seems to be low key, and I don't remember any locker room drama around him when he played. They have a couple of ticking time bombs on that team.

Anyway he was sweet and shockingly horny - his huge penis stood straight-up. She dated him after Avery and ended up marrying him. Both put him in the top ranks of entitled asshole patrons. Lazy, poor possession skills (I don't give a shit about his stats, I've seen him play) and not a team leader. The Flyers are on a pretty stable streak but they were nothing but persons shit flying everywhere for about 30 years.

Was rumoured to have been fucking her training partner, the extremely butch Maria Mutola.

I'm a huge fan of track & field athletics (wish more posted here) and could regale with tales of their heterosexual exploits, but that's for another thread, I guess.

He has since settled with a female partner and they have a daughter together so he's probably bi. They reckon that olympic athlete villages are hotbeds of fucking of all descriptions IIRC.

I was interested in how many gay people were in the Commonwealth games, but googling it wasn't very helpful, the obvious (and out) ones seeming to be Tom Daley, Matt Mitcham, Nicola Adams and a female Nigerian 400m runner whose name I can't remember. Poor Tyson R103 I'm assuming his ass drove those men so crazy they ending up doing him wrong?Gay (and fucked up about it) but I'd rather not claim him.The whole world knows about Colin Jackson and his relationship with swimmer Mark Foster. The 110m hurdles seems to attract a lot of gay guys because current Olympic champ and world record holder Aries Merrit is gayer than a nest of tropical birds as is London silver medalist Jason Richardson. Handsome French pole vaulter (no pun) who won gold in Atlanta 1996 allegedly celebrated by loudly fucking a male gymnast in his Olympic Village room. 1, Renaud Lavillenie, is also French and quite short for a pole vaulter but still sexy in my eyes. Here he his with his hero the bisexual Mr Galfione.However, saying those two were having lesbians is like purporting to out Caster Semenya.Maurice Greene's manager blabbed to a girlfriend about procuring young white boys for him to fuck and Tyson Gay being a one of the nicest guys in sport: a relationship-oriented bisexual who got burned a lot by the men he dated that he's recently started to restrict himself to women who aren't much better.r103 here and I just read my post.They're right up there with all the mistresses no-one ever sees.