And then about one o'clock in the morning I get this text message with this audio file from Adam, and he was like, this song was actually was a part of Maroon 5 and was supposed to be on our record but I just hear you singing it, what do you think?So I listened to a little bit and fell in love with it.

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AXS: You particularly seemed to choose the right coach.

How would you describe the partnership between yourself and Adam Levine?

Those songs were just part of my journey and every song was my choice.

Except "My Way," which in the end I was happy we did, all of the songs were my vision and I'm very proud of that.

BG: He is an awesome guy and I think we took on a big brother, little brother kind of [relationship].

He trusted me with my musicality and instinct of what would make me the most authentic me on the show and I trusted him.

The chorus is so the kind of singing that I do and want to become that I instantly said absolutely are you crazy, this is an amazing opportunity, thank you so much for thinking of me with a song that you wanted to record.

The caliber of the songs of Maroon 5, it has to be an amazing song and it was.

I really wanted to have this journey of mine become a statement for anyone that's ever felt like the underdog, the underrated person that's had a struggle themselves.

If I could change someone's attitude and help them become their own 100 percent authentic self and be their best self, that was my win.

doing the music videos and you're doing all the reality segments for the Monday show. It taught me how to consistently keep my voice in shape so it's always there.